Food Addictions

Are you addicted to food like chocolate, cookies, cakes, crisps/chips, chips/fries or other fried food & want to stop eating it?

Can’t you get through a day without your favourite junk food?

Is it causing you to gain weight and generally making you unhappy?

VCDT can turn you against those foods & make the addiction go away.

The food won’t be something you crave again.

We can even replace that ‘comfort’ or need with something else… like water, broccoli… pretty much anything you want to eat or drink more of.

Sian, Hong Kong “Angela was such a breath of fresh air and was truly inspirational. I am no longer addicted to chocolate – VCDT took away any interest I had in it and stopped me craving for anything sweet. It seemed to give me a ‘mental block’ so even when I pass the chocolate section in park n shop I didn’t even hesitate. The taste and the hunger for chocolate has gone – it’s out! VCDT is very, very impressive!”

Christine Hayes (Therapist), HK and Canada, “My session with Angela has given me a different perspective and allowed me to see everything from a different angle. It is not what I expected – but I see the food in a different way that is hard to explain, it’s just not what I want anymore. Not because I find it offensive but just because I just don’t want it. I Love Angela’s enthusiasm, Humor and total belief in what she does – it’s contagious and worked for me. Thanks again Angela.”