What is VCDT?

Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) is a technique developed by Nik & Eva Speakman to successfully treat people with phobias, fears, addictions including food addictions, OCDs, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, body dysmorphia, certain allergies and much, much more. Check out the video below on the work The Speakmans did with Kym Marsh for more information or click on the icons here for more information on how VCDT can help you.

If you weren’t born with the issue there’s a good change that VCDT can decode it.

We think of the brain at birth like a beautifully clean computer, in most cases you’re born without ‘viruses’ or any learned ‘programmes’. As we grow and develop we learn behaviours and our mind is so powerful that if we believe we have the issues then simply we do! Our body doesn’t know the difference.

VCDT simply decodes the programme and therefore successfully treats the issue. VCDT treats various other issues including certain allergies, broken hearts, writer’s block, feelings of guilt and issues that can’t quite be described but felt.

The list is endless with many more applications being discovered all the time…. if you think VCDT can help you then simply fill out your details on contact us and Angela will call you to see how VCDT can work for you… there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!