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Steve Thomas’s Testimonial

Steve was so depressed and suffering with PTSD that despite his attempts for years to get over these problems, despite his requests for help, he couldn’t find the therapy he needed. He had even planned ending it all by taking his own life as he could see no other way out. Steve says thank you for getting him over his issues and getting his life and himself back. Thank you for doing this video, Steve, it’s enormously brave of you to share.

John Green’s Testimonial

John was so scared of heights that he was certain no one could make a difference. See his video proving he’s no longer scared. Thanks for videoing this, John!

Chris Binns’s Testimonial

Angela successfully treated Chris for his fear of enclosed spaces, claustrophobia, crowded places etc. A few years on and still phobia-free! Thank you for making this video, Chris!

Sharon’s Testimonial

Angela successfully treated Sharon for her fear of heights, germ issues and depression. It’s wonderful to see Sharon get her sparkle back!

Dan’s Testimonial – Keeping Dan Wells On Track

Dan Wells talks about how coaching is a huge benefit to him whether in racing or in raising the funds to further his dreams that lead him all the way to F1.

Interview with Jennifer

Jennifer came to see Angela about her fear of Public Speaking and wanted to stop eating bread. We also found out during the session that Jennifer had a fear of cockroaches too.

Interview with Dickie

Dickie came to see Angela about his fear of doctors and dentists, commonly known as “White Coat Syndrome”. Here is Angela interviewing Dickie before the VCDT session. Part Two below is after treatment.

Part Two – after VCDT therapy

Interview with Eve

Eve talks about how months after curing her fear of cockroaches she is delighted with the change in her life.