Fears & Phobias

Whether it’s public speaking, snakes, spiders, flying, heights or something a little more off-the-wall, one session will cure you of your fear or phobia. Why live with it? Your subconscious is on high alert when you live with a fear or phobia and this keeps you on edge and can often stops you getting the most out of your life and can sometimes stop you getting the most out of your sleep.

Fears and phobias prevent you doing various things with your life and we tend to think that there is no cure, other than perhaps some form of shock therpay. VCDT does not use shock therapy!

One of the many beauties of VCDT is also that we don’t need to know why you have the fear or phobia in order to get rid of the fear.

We promise you, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you will no longer consciously or subconsciously avoid ‘scary’ places and situations.

Testimonials – also see all the videos in the video section.

Sian, Hong Kong: “VCDT helped me to stop being scared of flying and for the first time ever on a long haul flight I was able to sleep and not worry too much when there was turbulence. It made me see and realize that anything is possible as well as acknowledge that my initial cynicism and scepticism of VCDT was regrettable because I was able to test it on my next flight to the UK…and it worked! Good value for money because I know I can more than multiply that fee beyond imagination now. Thank you Angela – that’s made such a difference to my life!

Jennifer Forman, Hong Kong “Thank you Angela for a life-changing session. I still find it incredible that you helped me in just one morning with 3 issues – a fear about public speaking, a desire to rid my life of bread and a phobia of cockroaches. There were a few tears, some laughs, some funny noises and a discarded bag of fresh bread rolls in the bin afterwards but I walked away feeling so empowered. Not only did you get rid of my fear of cockroaches – and I have encountered 3 since then with only minimal flinching (we didn’t set out to make me love the things!), you also banished bread from my life, something I have tried to do for so long, always unsuccessfully. I prefer broccoli now but don’t feel like I crave it instead! And to top it all, today I was put on the spot and had to address a group of people without warning so I didn’t have anything prepared and not only was I not scared in the least, I didn’t even blush… WOW! Life-changing indeed.” (See Jennifer’s Video Interview also – the above testimonial was sent a few months after the video & Jennifer is still going very strong!)

Angela Cummins, Hong Kong: “My own first experience with VCDT was when Nik Speakman cured me of my fish phobia! I laugh now thinking about it, much like people did when they found out about it at the time – not that I really wanted people to know about it as some would intentionally try to scare me! Joking aside, it really was a horrible fear, fish used to really freak me out & I would avoid doing all sorts of things socially and in my everyday life because of it. My sleep has been so much better since I was cured too. The relief that comes with this new outlook on life is like walking on air or weighing 20 kilos lighter!