Depression is truly debilitating and can easily affect us all.

Medication for it has side effects and can create dependency and the need for increasingly higher doses. Anti-depressants can make you feel less depressed but most people report just feeling numb. VCDT can lift that dark cloud and help you feel ‘normal’ again. If there are specific events or reasons that caused it then Angela can work with you to make those issues a thing of the past and get you feeling relieved and happy.

People who have seen Angela for depression say that they can’t believe how VCDT is so quick, painless, simple and so effective. Angela says: “It is wonderful to see the dark cloud lift during a session and the relief that comes with it.” Despite being able to lift the cloud, Angela believes that the root of most people’s depression stems from the lack of self-worth and therefore finds it important to make time to address this as it helps to modify one’s way of thinking so that old behaviours do not get reprogrammed.

Christine D., Hong Kong “I have been suffering from depression for years and haven’t found any quick fixes. I have been amazed at the results that VCDT was able to give me in just a few hours. Angela’s services have brought me lasting non-medical relief. I never would have thought this possible before experiencing it. Thank you!”