Anxiety & Panic Attacks

VCDT like with other issues has a huge success rate in this area.

Many people who come to Angela about this have tried various methods and spent lots of time and money trying to get rid of their panic attacks and anxiety issues with some or little success.

Most doctors tend to be at a loss on how to help and may prescribe anti-depressants or calming drugs that can be addictive and can often have negative knock-on effects in other areas of your life. VCDT successfully treats the cause of the issue, rather than masking the symptoms.

Don’t suffer any more.

Contact Angela about making an appointment to see how her therapies may help you implement the changes you want in your life.

Alice*, Hong Kong “After seeing Angela, I have found more peace and happiness than I have known for a long time It is because of Angela that I feel great – I am now able to see how wonderful life is and enjoy it! It’s all so fantastic!

Hans, Hong Kong “Thank you for helping me back on track Angela… It is difficult for me to describe how fantastic a feeling it is not living a life dominated by anxiety but instead living a life with confident and in control again. It is a great relief and thanks to you I feel I got out of my illness with heavy stress symptoms in a much stronger way than I got myself into it.”