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Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Agoraphobia, Travel Issues:
Louise Williams, UK“My daughter saw Angela due to anxiety, panic attacks, depression, agoraphobia & a phobia of being in a car and travelling on dual carriageways, due to a car accident when she was 16, she struggled for 2 years with these issues & within a few hours Angela had given me my daughter back! We can’t thank her enough. This can only be described as a ‘life changing event’ not only for my daughter, but for us as a family. Two months on my daughter is now enjoying ‘life to the full’ as an 18 year old should, is going out socialising, has been on holiday, has bought a car & having driving lessons & even driving herself on the dual carriageway!!!!”

Life Upgrade and Fear of Heights:

Leigh, HK “Angela helped me with my fear of heights. For years I would avoid bridges and escalators. I love the freedom that comes from not living with the constant knot in the pit of my stomach that a phobia can create. You don’t have to live with your phobia anymore.
Angela also helped me to get over lots of other issues and turn my life around to where I am truly happy with myself now. No more fake smiles, or hiding myself away. Angela and her VCDT changed my life for the better. It didn’t take years or months of talking. You can change today in a matter of hours if you want to. Choose to be happy, choose a therapist like Angela.”

Justin Matthew , HK“Angela’s positive energy, open mind, and passion for life, along with her extensive knowledge of her craft and continuously embracing new approaches and methods, makes her a diamond in the rough. She is extremely genuine, and naturally made me feel extremely comfortable from the first minute of the first meeting. Not only was she effective in helping me work on the issues I originally saw her for, but she has the ability to make me look at how I can use the skills and techniques I learned from her to apply to other areas of my life. It is hard to leave a session with her and not feel you can take on the world and any obstacle that may cross your path. You can’t help but want to live life with the same passion and confidence she does. I highly recommend you see her, and prepare to be surprised at how much better your life can become. She will help you to help yourself in ways you didn’t even consider, and have fun doing it!”

Darlene Lee, HK“Having tried a lot of different approaches over the years in an on-going quest for self-awareness and self knowledge, I was delighted to find Angela. What she offers is without a doubt the most effective, and efficient way to clear out baggage that has outlived its usefulness. So much so that friends have taken my recommendation, gone to see her and like me, experienced a huge difference in the ease and grace with which we are able to accomplish what would otherwise have been a hard slog. Many thanks Angela!”

Claustrophobia, Fear of Lifts, Driving Confidence:
Natasha, client at Kamalaya, Thailand
“After 20 years of avoiding lifts, Angela was able to cure my lift phobia in only one session. She also helped me to conquer my fear of driving, giving me the confidence to drive on even the busiest roads. Angela has a warm and kind manner and I felt completely relaxed throughout the session. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angela to anyone, whether to deal with a specific problem or to help increase self-confidence and gain a more positive outlook on life.”

Fear of Dogs:
Angie Tourani, HK “My daughter had been pestering me for a dog for a few years but due to my fear of dogs, I would say to her ‘You can have a dog at home or you can have me – Choose one!’
When I did a session with Angela she used VCDT and my fear of dogs vanished. On my daughters 12th birthday I got her, her most wanted present ever a toy poodle we called Brownie. Brownie is now our lucky charm and I love and cuddle him all the time. I couldn’t even be near a dog before.”

Fear of Public Speaking :
Alison HK “I had a tremendous fear of public speaking prior to Women in Charge’s first networking event in March 2011 and the thought of being on the microphone in front of a room full of people was the scariest thing ever – but not after having visited Angela! She completely cured my fear! The VCDT technique she uses is amazing and I’ve been on the mic twice after seeing Angela! She’s my hero! I never thought I’d ever be able to public speak but she did it! I highly recommend her! She’s the best!”

Emotional Trauma:
Margaret J, HK“I saw Angela as I felt I was getting in the way of my own success and wanted to change. It’s hard to believe that in one afternoon we were able to remove the barriers I’d had since childhood. One afternoon with Angela (many months ago) still has me on the path to success. She’s ingrained in me, “what’s the worst that could happen?” to chase any fears that might pop up away. I am forever grateful and appreciative for her work.”

CY Chan, HK “7 months later and the changes are now part of my everyday life, and the past issues have faded away. I had got to the point that I was sick of dragging myself out of my low moods.
I had grown up in a hostile family environment. Which had made me a fighter, ‘go-getter’ in life. And then I was going through a long and drawn out separation from a 19 yr relationship, riddled with guilt and “what if’s”.
During this time I had had panic attacks, low moods that were so hard to lift myself out of. I would spend days in bed not moving. I would tell my friends I was doing stuff, but all the while be in bed… Normally I’m an up-beat go-get-‘em type of person, so this state of mind- I was driving myself crazy. But I couldn’t get out of it…. Once I was on an even keel, life would throw something at me and I would be right back there again…..
During this period I saw 2 different counselors, one for a year and another for a month.
The last one I saw I realized… I know about all the crap that has happened and I can talk to anyone about it, but what the hell do I do about it? It is what it is, painful emotional stuff… but how do I heal from this…. They say you have to talk about the issue…. Done that… Forgive the person/people who has hurt you…. Done that.
A friend introduced me to Angela at the end of last year, at which point I had decided it is time to fix “me”, I wanted the old me back! But didn’t know how I was going to achieve that…
Angela said she could help, this would be fun… how was relaying a load of painful situations going to be fun??
My past counseling sessions left me emotionally battered and bruised, to the point I just wanted to hide away and heal my wounds…… But Hey this was the year I was getting “me” back!!!
Yes I cried in my session with Angela, sobbed!!! I think I owe her box of tissues! We even had time to deal with one of my phobias – cockroaches. I came out feeling light and bright… I looked in the mirror and I didn’t look like I’d been sobbing. I looked Great…. I didn’t scuttle home to hide and heal…. I walked out in the middle of lunchtime Central Hong Kong with my happy eyes, I was healed.
I had one more session with Angela covering issues with food, and loss of a dear friend. It’s not the old me I have today…. It’s a better “Me” I Love this version!!!!
Thank you Angela”

Christine D., Hong Kong “I have been suffering from depression for years and haven’t found any quick fixes. I have been amazed at the results that VCDT was able to give me in just a few hours. Angela’s services have brought me lasting non-medical relief. I never would have thought this possible before experiencing it. Thank you!”

Anxiety & Panic Attacks:
Hans, Hong Kong “Thank you for helping me back on track Angela… It is difficult for me to describe how fantastic a feeling it is not living a life dominated by anxiety but instead living a life with confident and in control again. It is a great relief and thanks to you I feel I got out of my illness with heavy stress symptoms in a much stronger way than I got myself into it.”

Phobias – Fear of Flying:
Sian, Hong Kong: “VCDT helped me to stop being scared of flying and for the first time ever on a long haul flight I was able to sleep and not worry too much when there was turbulence. It made me see and realize that anything is possible as well as acknowledge that my initial cynicism and scepticism of VCDT was regrettable because I was able to test it on my next flight to the UK…and it worked! Good value for money because I know I can more than multiply that fee beyond imagination now. Thank you Angela – that’s made such a difference to my life! ”

OCDs, Anxiety and Panic attacks:
Alice, Hong Kong: “After seeing Angela, I have found more peace and happiness than I have known for a long time. I had been constantly worried about catching something communicable and was incredibly anxious.  The negative thoughts caused by these issues were consuming and I was unable to enjoy life. It was a constant battle in my mind to keep these negative thoughts at bay. Remarkably, Angela was able to work out all of my concerns in just 3 sessions! Moreover, she was caring enough to give me tools that will keep these feelings and thoughts from returning. I recommend Angela to anyone who has problems or is experiencing something difficult. Angela will be able to help you to make the changes you want in your life. It is because of Angela that I feel great – I am now able to see how wonderful life is and enjoy it! It’s all so fantastic! ”

Stopping Smoking:
Joanne Loveland, Hong Kong: “I have successfully quit smoking with a few sessions with Angela. After many attempts over the years of trying all sorts of things I have finally kicked the habit for good this time. I actually feel like a non-smoker not an ex-smoker. It’s amazing. I keep forgetting to tell people I have stopped because it really feels like I never smoked before! Angela also made sure that I didn’t replace the smoking habit with eating sweets/candies, chocolate and the like, so there’s been no weight gain since stopping, in fact I just feel all round healthier! If you’re serious about stopping, I couldn’t recommend Angela for this more! ”

Chocolate Addiction:
Sian, Hong Kong: “Angela was such a breath of fresh air and was truly inspirational. I am no longer addicted to chocolate – VCDT took away any interest I had in it and stopped me craving for anything sweet. It seemed to give me a ‘mental block’ so even when I pass the chocolate section in park n shop I didn’t even hesitate. The taste and the hunger for chocolate has gone – it’s out! VCDT is very, very impressive! ”

Fear of Cats:
Helen Gelan, UK, “I used to have a fear of cats, specifically didn’t like it when they would jump around – jumping on me especially! I would avoid friend’s places because of it. Now it’s like I never had the fear. During my session with Angela I was cured easily – now it seems odd that I ever had the fear as I don’t have to avoid anywhere because of it! Thank you, Angela!”

Food Addictions:
Christine Hayes (Therapist), HK and Canada, “My session with Angela has given me a different perspective and allowed me to see everything from a different angle. It is not what I expected – but I see the food in a different way that is hard to explain, it’s just not what I want anymore. Not because I find it offensive but just because I just don’t want it. I Love Angela’s enthusiasm, Humor and total belief in what she does – it’s contagious and worked for me. Thanks again Angela.”

Phobia – issues with milk:
Michelle, Hong Kong “I have spent my entire life thinking milk is disgusting and would want to throw up just looking at a glass of milk. I have avoided eating anything ‘white’ because it reminds me of milk! After my session with Angela, I am truly amazed that I don’t have the same feelings anymore. I don’t love it but I can honestly say I don’t want to gag anymore just looking at a glass of milk!! Wow – thanks a million Angela – you’re amazing! I have now started eating cheese and it’s been delish! I would highly recommend Angela if you have any phobias.”

Fear of Public Speaking, cockroaches and addiction to white bread:
Jennifer Forman, Hong Kong “Thank you Angela for a life-changing session. I still find it incredible that you helped me in just one morning with 3 issues – a fear about public speaking, a desire to rid my life of bread and a phobia of cockroaches. There were a few tears, some laughs, some funny noises and a discarded bag of fresh bread rolls in the bin afterwards but I walked away feeling so empowered. Not only did you get rid of my fear of cockroaches – and I have encountered 3 since then with only minimal flinching (we didn’t set out to make me love the things!), you also banished bread from my life, something I have tried to do for so long, always unsuccessfully. I prefer broccoli now but don’t feel like I crave it instead! And to top it all, today I was put on the spot and had to address a group of people without warning so I didn’t have anything prepared and not only was I not scared in the least, I didn’t even blush… WOW! Life-changing indeed.” (See Jennifer’s Video Interview also – the above testimonial was sent a few months after the video & Jennifer is still going very strong!)