About Angela

During a successful career in the Corporate Relocation industry, Angela Cummins Pirrie was shaken from her world by the death of her husband.

In 2009 Angela arranged a session with The Speakmans, renowned and celebrated psychologists best known for their TV show “A Life Coach Less Ordinary”. After a weekend of receiving treatment through very simple, innovative and successful techniques Angela found that she was not only back on track, but happier than she had ever been in her life before.

Feeling inspired by their work, Angela wanted to be able to pay it forward in order that The Speakmans’ techniques could help more people. Around the same time The Speakmans invited Angela to be one of the select few and elite therapists certified in VCDT (Visual Coding Displacement Theory); a way to successfully treat depression, fears, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsions, addictions, traumatic experiences and much, much more!

Angela set up her own business focusing on helping others who find themselves in anxious or similar situations to where Angela herself was not too long ago and now works between the UK and The Sanctuary in Hong Kong. Angela loves to assist people in the way she was helped and she goes one step further by also helping with helping people to increase their self-confidence & self-esteem which has various positive outcomes such as weight loss, increased productivity, less stress and do on. Angela can also help with making bad memories or emotional traumas become non-issues too.

Angela says “No one should have to live their life in fear or not in control of their destinies. True confidence and happiness is not that difficult to find or attain. All it takes is a little investment in our best asset – ourselves!”

Angela is available for appointments in HK & the UK for private one-to-one sessions and is also a popular Motivational Speaker. Please complete the section on ‘Contact Us’ should you need any further information.